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Equine Worming Plan

Annual Worming Package

The Barn Veterinary Practice can offer a fast and cost effective way to protect your horses against internal parasites.

The aim is to prevent giving your horse unnecessary doses of wormer by monitoring for worms throughout the grazing season.

Included in the package is:

  • 3 worm egg counts (WEC) to be carried out at The Barn Veterinary Practice, between March to November.
  • 1 dose of combined Tapeworm and encysted red worm treatment for use in late winter.
Please note, that this package does not include any additional wormers required, if very high levels of worm eggs are found on a worm egg count.

We recommend that a small sample of each horse’s faeces is tested 3 times a year during the grazing season beginning in March. The results of these worm egg counts allow us to determine the level of worm egg burden.

Horses with a high WEC should be wormed with the correct dosage of an appropriate wormer

Horses with a low or zero WEC do not need to be wormed.

Underdosing is important to avoid, this can encourage resistance to wormers. Calculate your dosage and add at least 10% as it is better to slightly overdose than under dose.

Field management can be a critical part of worm control, poo picking daily is to be recommended and keeping horses in the same grazing groups will minimise the fluctuations in WEC results.


  • A suitable sample should be 4 small nuggets of fresh faeces collected from different sites within a pile of faeces.
  • The sample should be collected in the bags supplied, and labelled clearly with the horses name.
  • Try to exclude as much air as possible from the sample.
  • Deliver the sample to the Barn Veterinary Practice as soon as possible during the normal working week, ideally the same day.
  • In the event of a delay, the sample should be chilled but not frozen.

To get your horse on the plan either call in to either surgery or phone us! Itís quick and simple.
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